The Laws of Lifting

The laws of lifting will save you much pain and potential injury. If you follow them, they will be kind to you and help you build up muscle quickly and properly. What will you learn in the loves of lifting? For one thing, you’ll learn how to develop your tendons and get them properly strengthened […]

5 Minute Burn

Want to burn as much as 150 calories in 5 minutes? Well, if that sounds good to you go and check out today’s article. It will give you short workouts to wake up in the morning and get yourself moving. Not only will you move, but you’ll burn. You’ll feel it in the legs and […]

No One Likes Leg Day

No one in their right mind actually likes leg day. But one thing that everybody knows is that leg day must be done. We tend to go through the same routines, and it gets boring really fast. Well, here to help you out today with that is this new routine that is sure to kick […]

Women and Lifting

It has been said that if a woman lifts weight she will simply become bulky and unattractive. However, this is the furthest thing from the truth. What do we see happening with women who lift weights? They lean out and burn food more efficiently. The more muscle you have the more your metabolism will run […]

Sleep to Recover

  Sleep is essential to your recovery. Think about it as if your body is knitting itself back together when you sleep. This is the time when your muscles recover and your legs and arms unwind. If the quality of your sleep is lacking, you are going to have a definite issue with recovery, muscle […]

Warming Up to Lift

Warming up to lift is one of the most important things you can do to take care of yourself. Working out with cold muscles is not only painful in general, but it is also quite dangerous for your body. Take a look at these warm up movements you can do before hitting the weights. Read […]

9 Great Reasons to Lift

If you are woman and you’re worried about getting bulky from lifting weights, you should really take a look at today’s article. It not only dispenses with some of the myths of women lifting weights, but it also gives you some great reasons why the exact thing you need is to lift those weights now. […]

Depression Affects Us All

Depression can affect us in so many different ways. One thing you need to realize is that you’re not alone. In addition to that, you need to realize that there are some very concrete things you can do to fight that depression. One of them is working out. Take a look at today’s article to […]